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Regatta Results

2018 X-Boat Accomplishments!

- Four Regatta Wins:   TRAP (Spencer)   WYA (M. Simon)   GLSS (F. Simon)  Blue Chip (Allen)

- Four of the top five kids from the Junior ILYA X Championship train at the PLSS:   Allen, F.Simon, Schieble, Q. Kaiser.

- An  impressive  top 9/18 in the Junior ILYA X Championship are in our PLSS program:  Allen, F. Simon, Schieble, Q. Kaiser, Schweda, K. Kaiser, Wozniak, Tornehl, Ogden.

- PLSS earned 25% of the Blue Chip bids.  Most in history.  Our dominate program qualifies eight sailors:  Allen, Spencer, M. Simon, Q. Kaiser, Schweda, Schieble, K. Kaiser, Tornehl, F. Simon.

2018 Optimist Accomplishments!

- Seven of the eight regattas with 1st place finishes either in Green, Red, White, Blue, Senior, or Junior Fleets.

-Sailors received 29 top 5 regatta trophies with an impressive 28 sailors participated in the Inland Optimist Championships at Pewaukee Yacht Club.

2019 Regatta Results

Regatta Summary Link to Results
Quint X Regatta
LOPN Opti Regatta
Lake Beulah Fun Regatta
X TRAP Regatta
GLSS X Regatta
GLSS Opti Regatta
Opti TRAC Regatta
Oshkosh Xtreme
Opti No Tears
X Inland
Opti Inland
Opti Pram Power
X Blue Chip
Opti RWB Chip