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Q & A's

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are there classes on rainy days?
A: Classes are held rain or shine. We will make every effort to sail every day; however, safety is our #1 priority. It is essential that students bring rain gear and be prepared to sail. We will not sail in lightning/thunder or any other threatening weather scenario. Nor will we sail in winds above 20 knots. If bad weather occurs, land-based activities will go on until the weather clears up.

Q: What if we’re going on vacation and need to miss a class?
A: If you know that your child will be missing class, please let the Sailing Director or Instructors know.

Q: How is a sailor’s progress in class monitored?
A: Your child will be given a Progress Report every other week and at the end of each session. You can also quickly check in with an instructor before or after class times. 

Q: Can I watch my child sail? How do I get involved?
A: Yes, please feel free to stay and watch your child sail; HOWEVER, we ask that you do not interrupt class time and/or the instructors. If I becomes a problem, the Sailing Director has the right to ask you to leave. Parental involvement is important! If you are looking for ways to get involved, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Sailing Director or Board of Directors.

Q: May I bring a friend to class?
A: Unfortunately due to liability issues, PLSS has a “no guests” policy. However, you can encourage that friend to sign up for a sailing session with you!

Q: What fleet is my sailor in and how are the ages for Red, Blue and White fleets defined?
A: White fleet is for skippers who are 10 or under. Blue fleet is for skippers who are 11 or 12. Red fleet is for skippers who are 13, 14, or 15. In all fleets, the determining date is the skipper's age at the end of the current year. At most regattas, the red, blue, and white fleets all start at the same time and race on the same course.

Q: I am an experienced racer. Can I coach my child at regattas?
A: If your sailor is participating in an event with a PLSS provided coach, we highly recommended that you leave the coaching to them. Let them do their job without undue influences. If a coach is not present and you desire to coach, you must follow the coaching rules as stipulated in the NOR. Be cognizant that your experience level will be very different than that of a young sailor. Keep it positive regardless of race outcomes and limit your input to a few things at a time to avoid information overload. With the exception of the Optimist Green Fleet, coaching for all junior sailing is only permissible before and after, but not during individual races. Coaches can observe the racing from designated areas and provide feedback to the sailors at the completion of the race(s) observed. Coaching for Optimist Green Fleeters may occur at any time including during the race.

Q: What about this Green Fleet?
A: Green fleet is a special fleet for beginners. Green fleeters can be any age up to 15. A green fleet might have skippers who are as young as 6 and as old as 15, but sooner or later they'll move into their appropriate fleet. A ten-year-old green fleeter would move into white fleet, a thirteen year old green fleeter would move into red fleet, etc.  If a sailor place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in three Green Fleet regattas, they must register in the appropriate age fleet in the competitive group.  If it is obvious that a sailor has developed beyond the green fleet they should be moved up as soon as possible. The purpose of the green fleet is to encourage novice sailors.

Q: Where and when should I drop off and pick up my child?
A: Sailors should be dropped off and picked up at N22W28024 Edgewater Dr, Pewaukee, WI 53072. We ask all parents/caregivers to drop off their child no earlier than 10 minutes before their scheduled class and pick up no later than 10 minutes after their scheduled class. The Sailing Director and Instructors will not leave the premises until all students are picked up. Students are expected to be on time each day unless there is an emergency. Late students prevent the class from getting on the water in a timely manner.

Q: How are the children supervised on the water?
A: The instructors will be with the sailors at all times. If a sailor is in any kind of trouble, the instructor will be present to provide assistance. All sailors must follow the commands of the instructors. All boats under the supervision of a single instructor leave and return to the dock at the same time.

Q: Can my child bring valuables to class?
A: NO! PLSS is NOT responsible for any valuables lost or misplaced. It is strongly advised that valuables are not left on site.

Q: How will I be contacted with class information or inclement weather?

A: Staying in contact with our parents is paramount to a fun and successful summer! Our primary method of communication will be email, sent to the email that you designated when you registered for classes. There may be times that we need to get information to parents quickly, and in these instances (inclement weather, regattas, etc.) we will communicate using both text AND email.
X-boats that sail to class—There may be times that X-boats need to be sent back home early due to incoming inclement weather. In these instances, communication will be done via text & email to inform parents that sailors are coming home early.